Here's a summary of all the services we provide at Oxfordshire Music Rooms, along with all their prices


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4 

Piano Hire (Room 1 only)

Cymbal Hire 

Student Discount

Single Artist Discount


£14 per hour 

£13 per hour

£12 per hour

£11 per hour

£5 per session

£5 per session

20% discount min 2 students per group (with ID) min 3 hours booking

1st hour full price,2nd hour 25% off,subsequent hours 50% off


Recording Sessions

Ambient Recording



Drum Tracking


Live Video shoot

2 Track Demo Deal

5 Track Demo Deal







Normal rehearsal rate + £5                  

£35 per hour

£35 per hour 

£200 per day

First track £10 subsequent tracks £15

£299, 1 video and live audio track




A discount is available to bands who rehearse with us, off our standard recording and mixing rates 


 Ox Factor                                  
£120 (3hours) + £20 for cds optional for up to 10 people                    


NB. All our prices are currently introductory offers and we reserve the right to change them without notice. This will not affect bookings already taken.